Tiny House Friends

Over the weekend, Corey and I met up with a local guy building his tiny house!  We oddly enough met through some comments on Instagram, when my friend Rob Garlow of Shedsistance mentioned to him that I was also planning to build in Buffalo.  Alex enthusiastically agreed to meet us and gave us a tour of his in-progress build.  He's planning to take this thing on the road in search of adventure and some fresh pow in Colorado...or possibly Montana...he's got options!  We hung out on his awesome roof deck, recently grace-and-water-shielded, and we showed him our design for our future tiny house.

Here's Alex's build:

Our design is ready enough, and we (finally) have enough money to get started.  We just have to decide to pull the trigger.  All of the anxieties about where to park this once its built are setting in....