Portraits of Bikes

Here's a personal project I've been working on lately, Portraits of Bikes.  Each wobbly-wheeled drawing is 5"x7", interpreted from a photograph.  For each drawing, I ask the owner for a quote or story about their bike, and then mail their drawing to them when they're done.  I have a bunch more waiting to be drawn...after Thesis! It's currently a facebook page, but in the future maybe a book?

Summer Work Update

This week I staffed MIT's Open House at the Stata Center for the Grand Junction.  MIT Office and Campus Planning is currently working on a Feasibility Study to see if the Grand Junction, the railroad on campus, can be converted to a mixed-use bicycle/pedestrian/train path that could safely connect Cambridge over the BU bridge to Allston and to the future Somerville Community Path.   

We had about 50 people show up to learn about the study and voice opinions.  Lots of people are invested in making this happen.  Meanwhile, there are a lot of logistics to work out--fitting in dimensions of paths at narrow points and negotiating the travel of hazardous chemical-carrying vehicles in that service alley.  

I'm looking forward to contributing to its progress this summer.

Learn more: http://grandjunctionpath.org/