Tiny House, Revit

Here's an update on a version of the tiny house I've been working on converting to Revit. This one is built with SIP panel construction which involves redefining an existing, generic wall Revit component and building my own according to a SIP assembly.

This version explores new possibilities of relationships to fit in a generous work surface in the loft, situated above the clothes closet (circled in a dashed line in section), perfect for a home-office situation or a creative person who loves to spread out their projects and not have to put them away just to eat dinner on the table.

This design keeps the bed on the first floor level for those of us who prefer to flop into bed and not stumble down stairs or a ladder half awake.  There is still an ample loft for a guest bed, perhaps a child's room, or a comfy lounge area for leaning back among a pile of pillows to watch some Netflix or read a good book.  The configuration of the  Bed-bath-closet-laundry area is a condensed version of the Master Suites I currently design for clients who are prefer thousands of square feet instead of a couple hundred.