Flows material and people across site
   Perspective:  Looking towards Knot with industrial theatrics adjacent to path
   Perspective:  View at ground level with transfer of materials to and from rail
  Section detail showing zones and paths extending from Knot
  Section detailing tiered activity and flow of people and materials through Knot
   Perspective : At Knot building, a multi-level intersection of paths of people and materials
   Pe rspective:   Recreational spectacle looking towards Knot
  Full section across site
  Full section through site, 2
   The Knot:  Plan showing programming and traffic flow systems
   Th e Knot :  Potential associated activities at a glance
  Systems distribution for proposed deconstruction and distribution of decommissioned local structures
  As a deep port, Baltimore is uniquely positioned to receive shipments from the new, larger ships that will be able to pass through the expanded Panama Canal in 2014 from the West Coast and Asia
  As abandoned row houses are dismantled, their materials can be salvaged or harvested and used for building materials elsewhere
  The theatrics and spectacle of material reuse
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